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PRO training

Grow beyond yourself


With the decision for a wakeboard "Pro Training" at the Alfsee you have already taken the first step to a better technique. We offer you breathtaking training successes, a friendly atmosphere and a new wakeboard feeling! The German national coach Adrian Abeck and his team will train you.

At the beginning of the pro training we offer you an individual consultation and make a detailed training plan.

The "Pro Training" wakeboard course is an additional course for camp participants who are already good at wakeboarding. Our licensed trainers will show the participants of the pro training in a small group (up to 15 participants) in 120 minutes daily more tricks and tips.

Do you have a safe driving feeling and want to grow beyond yourself? Are you a regular rider and want to learn new techniques? Or do you even take part in competitions? The trainers adapt individually to your needs and your skills and support you in the pro training in the best possible way!


Prerequisite for participation is:

  • Save driving

  • Overcoming features: kicker, table or box

  • switch driving

For everyone who wants to take part in competitions, improve their skills or learn tricks, staying in our wakeboard and water ski camp with the additional booking of pro training is ideal.

After an invigorating breakfast, you can implement the daily explanations and experiences from the morning pro training from Monday to Friday throughout the day.


PRO trainer

Our pro trainers are trained and experienced wakeboarders and water skiers, some of them with international experience

Experience an unforgettable week

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