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The participant assures with their registration that there are no health risks that prevent them from participating in the wakeboarding and waterski camp. The participant is obligated to do everything reasonable to contribute to the remedying of any performance disturbances that may arise, and to inform the local camp management (trainer) immediately. If a participant violates this obligation, the camp organizer is not liable for any resulting consequential damages. Participation in the training and program is at the participant's own risk. The participant bears in particular all risks associated with the sport and the use of the sports facility or its equipment, especially when using features (obstacles - ramps etc.), workshops, fitness or trampoline. The organizer is not liable for personal injury to the participant. The participant is not insured through the organizer. An accident or liability insurance is not included in the camp price. It is recommended that the participant take out accident insurance with recovery cost coverage, travel cancellation insurance, and liability insurance. The organizer assumes no liability for the participants' sports equipment in case of destruction or theft. If the participant rents sports equipment, they are responsible for the equipment. In case of willful damage or theft, compensation must be paid. The participant allows the organizer to use photos and videos showing the participant in connection with advertising for the event.

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