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Wakeboard and water ski camp (WuW camp)

The WuW-Camp has existed since 2014 as a summer holiday camp for children and young people at the Alfsee in Osnabrück. Starting with 10 participants - back then with overnight stays in tents, as has been possible since this year at Lake Lorenzi - it is now impossible to imagine life without more than 300 participants in charming wooden huts right on the lake.

Water sports (wakeboard, water skiing, trick skiing, kneeboarding, etc.) are clearly the top priority in the WuW camp. Children and young people aged 10-17* have an unforgettable time at the camp. It doesn't matter whether the  participants of this camp have already ridden a wakeboard, water ski or similar or whether they are trying out water skiing with us for the first time.

EVERYONE can have fun at the WuW camp!

A high concentration of supervisors ensures that there are always contact persons on site who can accompany beginners to the lift, for example, or help advanced and professionals to grow beyond their individual abilities.

Each of the caring and committed supervisors has an open ear for the participants - the best way to get to know each other is to play together on the veranda in the evening.
  We do everything we can to ensure that all participants have a wonderful and unforgettable time.

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